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Make whatever you love to do, better. 

Find a Ki-Hara workout anytime, anywhere
with Burner Fitness.

Join us on Burner Fitness (download Burner: Healthier Everyday App in the itunes or android store) where you can find over 50+ different Ki-Hara Stretching programs tailored to meet your every need. Whether you are looking to improve your sport of choice, achieve certain flexibility goals, just become more flexible, or are dealing with some nagging injuries - we have a program for you! Each 6-week program consists of at least 6 different stretching routines that target the upper and/or lower body, plus online support and a community of people working right there with you. 


Each program requires little to no equipment (just you and a mat) and is designed using our problem solving formula to get to the root of any issue. You will have these programs available on your phone, tablet or computer - just a click away! We recommend "Stretch Stronger" as a great introduction to Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching! Use coupon code "SAVE30" for 30% off the first month.

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