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Make whatever you love to do, better. 

Find a Ki-Hara trainer to unlock your potential. 

Intern: Has attended noted level workshops and testing is in progress/not complete.

Trainer: Has completed testing for noted level. Has had extensive training with a Master Trainer.

Master: Has completed all 5 levels of training and passed all testing.

Instructor: Highest level. Able to teach Level I and beyond.


Alberta, CA

Instructor; Master Trainer

City: Calgary (Alberta)

Name: Nathan Bodewitz

E-mail: nathan@peakfitnessyyc.com

Phone: 403.874.0001

Website: www.peakfitnessyyc.com

Master Trainer

City: Calgary, Alberta

Name: Alex Greaves

E-mail: greavesrom@gmail.com

Phone: 403-466-9753

Website: strongrom.com


British Columbia, CA

Instructor; Master Trainer 

City: Port Moody, British Columbia 

Name: Tara Hawkin

E-mail: tara_hawkin@hotmail.com

Phone: 778-230-6724

Website: back2balance.ca


Ontario, CA

Master Trainer 

City: Aurora, ON 

Name: Lori Haws

E-mail: lorihaws@ki-hara.ca

Phone: 416-523-5980

Website: ki-hara.ca



Level III Intern

City: Milan, Italy

Name: Lucia Ferrario

E-mail: luciferrario@gmail.com

Phone: +39 (348) 233-1229


Level III Trainer

City: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX

Name: Via Anderson

E-mail: yogawithvia@gmail.com

Phone: 971-708-9261

Website: intelligentmovementforever.com and moveeasy101.com


United Kingdom


Level II Intern

City: Birmingham, UK

Name: Ellie Bradsell

E-mail: ellie@stretchstronger.co.uk

Phone: +44 78 66 54 86 30

Website: www.stretchstronger.co.uk