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Learn to stretch stronger by taking a workshop today. 

In this three hour workshop you will learn the basics of resistance stretching, 16 beginner self-stretches and an introduction to problem solving.  Great to take with a friend or training partner!

Pricing varies based on location.  See registrations for more details!


COST: Price Varies

Currently no upcoming workshops, email: for upcoming dates

Stretch Chi

410 S. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL  60605


Carrie Collins

Interested in organizing a certification or workshop? 

Contact us to schedule it.  

What some happy Ki-Hara clients are saying:  

“Anne and Steve (Innovative Body Solutions) are on the cutting edge of body advancements. I have had the opportunity to work with both of them at length and their skills in Resistance Flexibility training, among other forms of training, is state of the art. I will continue my training with them whenever the opportunity arises.  I will continue to refer friends and acquaintances to them for their expertise, professionalism, and know-how. They are on the ground floor of a system that is new, challenging, and one that works. For all that, I thank them.”

-Jayson Werth
MLB World Champion and All-Star
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