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Stretch. Stronger. 

Find a Ki-Hara trainer
for one-on-one 
resistance stretching

Certified Ki-Hara trainers gently take you through a series of assisted stretches to help you reach your goals.

Experience powerful improvements in range-of-motion and pain reduction instantly. Dramatic gains in flexibility, strength and health will be attained over time. Chronic pain sufferers will expect a significant decrease within just a few sessions. Athletes see an immediate increase in strength and flexibility resulting in more dynamic mobility - such as a faster pace, higher jump and efficient movement.  


  • Intensive one-on-one stretching and strengthening

  • Customized program to directly address your body, needs, and goals

  • Sport-specific training to optimize athletic ability and performance

  • Learn self-stretches to work on your own

  • Improve flexibility, strength, posture and health

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