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Make whatever you love to do, better. 

Find a Ki-Hara trainer to unlock your potential. 

Intern: Has attended noted level workshops and testing is in progress/not complete.

Trainer: Has completed testing for noted level. Has had extensive training with a Master Trainer.

Master: Has completed all 5 levels of training and passed all testing.

Instructor: Highest level. Able to teach Level I and beyond.



City: Venice Beach, CA 

Name: Nicolas Bartolotta MPT, HHP

E-mail: nic@dct4health.com

Phone: 858-342-6084

Website: dct4health.com


Master Trainer

City: Los Angeles, CA              

Name: Naomi Jacobs-EL

E-mail: njacobsel@yahoo.com   

Phone: 256-653-8280

Website: www.NaomiJacobsEL.com


Master Trainer

City: Fallbrook, CA (Northern San Diego)

Name: Jeebee Yim

E-mail: jeebee.yim@comcast.net

Phone: 760-710-9035

Website: MoveFreeBeStrong.com


Level II Trainer

City: Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Name: Jamie Nelson

E-mail: jamienelson42@gmail.com

Phone: 310-351-7954

Website: www.StretchHaven.com


Level II Trainer

City: San Francisco, CA

Name: Charlie Reid

E-mail: reid.charlie@gmail.com

Phone: 415-430-5326

Website: www.charliereidfitness.com


Level II Intern

City: San Francisco 

Name: Omar Munoz

E-mail: omfitness@yahoo.com

Phone: 415-412-9643

Website: Omfit.training


Level II Intern

City:  San Francisco, CA

Name: Matthew Tripp

E-mail: matt@move-sf.com

Phone: 415-875-9486

Website: move-sf.com


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