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Make whatever you love to do, better. 

Find a Ki-Hara trainer to unlock your potential. 


Intern: Has attended noted level workshops and testing is in progress/not complete.

Trainer: Has completed testing for noted level. Has had extensive training with a Master Trainer.

Master: Has completed all 5 levels of training and passed all testing.

Instructor: Highest level. Able to teach Level I and beyond.

Co-Owner; Founder; Head Instructor

City: W. Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Name: Anne Tierney

E-mail: Anne@ki-hara.com

Phone: 847-687-641

Website: ki-hara.com


Co-Owner; Founder; Head Instructor

City: Miami Beach, FL

Name: Steve Sierra

E-mail: Steve@ki-hara.com

Phone: 484-553-3298

Website: ki-hara.com


Master Trainer

City: Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

Name: Calvin C. Hicks

E-mail: C_Hicks06@yahoo.com

Phone: 575-302-3722

Website: onetoonefitness.net


Master Trainer

City: Miami Beach, FL

Name: Amy Mastrogiuseppe

E-mail: amymastrostretch@gmail.com

Phone: 305-987-1097

Website: mastrostretch.com


Master Trainer

City: Clearwater, FL

Name: Karen Gonzalez

E-mail: kargonz@tampabay.rr.com

Phone: 727-481-1694

Website: kinesismovementstudio.com


Master Trainer

City: Tampa, FL

Name: Jeferson Pinheiro Training 

Email: Jeferson.pinheiro200@gmail.com

Phone: 813-480-0688


Master Trainer

City: Coral Springs, FL

Name: Tommy Powers

E-mail: empoweredbytp@aol.com

Phone: 403-305-7871


Level V Trainer

City: Boca Raton, FL  

Name: James Knox

E-mail: knoxtrainz@gmail.com

Phone: 954-803-2150


Level V Trainer

City: Miami, FL     

Name: Genesis Lopez

E-mail: Glopez3420@yahoo.com

Phone: 786-222-6814


Level IV Intern

City:  Miami Beach, FL

Name: Tiffany Lam

E-mail: tiffanylam27@gmail.com

Phone: 703-628-4547


Level IV Intern

City:  Bradenton, FL

Name: Rhonda Graham

E-mail: Rlgraham71@gmail.com

Phone: 561-350-9428


Level I Trainer

City: Orlando, FL

Name: Tammy Estrada

E-mail: tameb3@aol.com

Phone:  407-620- 0006


Level I Intern

City: Palm Beach

Name: Elle Weberg

E-mail: elleweberg@gmail.com

Phone: 952-201-5907

Website: ellewtraining.com


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