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Make whatever you love to do, better. 

Find a Ki-Hara trainer to unlock your potential. 


Intern: Has attended noted level workshops and testing is in progress/not complete.

Trainer: Has completed testing for noted level. Has had extensive training with a Master Trainer.

Master: Has completed all 5 levels of training and passed all testing.

Instructor: Highest level. Able to teach Level I and beyond.

Master Trainer

City: Rockport, Texas

Name: Kate Wodash Catlow

E-mail: katewcatlow@gmail.com

Phone: 512-809-5782

Website: abodyofmovementawareness.com


Master Trainer

City: McKinney, Texas

Name: Carla McEwan

E-mail: carla@flexibleanatomy.com

Phone: 972-658-527

Website: flexibleanatomy.com


Master Trainer

City: Austin, Texas

Name: Shannon Rashap

E-mail: Shannon@Chulel.com

Phone: 9512-720-0333

Website: chulel.com


Master Trainer

City: Plano, TX

Name: Kristen Grim

E-mail: Kristen@grim.me

Phone: 214-695-6262


Master Trainer

City:  Plano, TX

Name: Karisa Ferdo

E-mail: AzureValeBodyTherapy@gmail.com

Phone: 214-914-9483

Website: AzureValeBodyTherapy@abmp.com


Level IV Trainer

City: San Antonio, TX

Name: Kelley Junkman

E-mail: kaj24@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 210.363.4523


Level III Trainer

City: Dallas, Texas

Name: Trish Fortune

E-mail: trish@trishfortune.com

Phone: 703-577-3500


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